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This page has been
translated by
Greet Salmon-Schuurman


Theo Mur





Welcome to our website!
The site was started to provide information about our family, its history and to give an insight into  connections to other families.




  The Mur family and relatives.

   Our collection of people: the Mur family and relatives 
   consists of more than 2
3,000 people, also includes more
1300 old photos including pictures of documents
   and grave stones

  If you have pictures, documents, stories or any genealogy
    information on family members living or deceased,
    please contact us

Our photo archive  has grown
  considerably over time.  
  Many photos have been
  digitalised and have been
  integrated into the website.
  Your own photos are very  

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    Update message

The collection was last updated on 22-04-2024

Additions/amendments are the result of spontaneous reactions via e-mail and further research.

Every family recorded in the collection is related in one way or another to the Mur family, sometimes rather remotely.

We hope that we may continue to count on your contributions so that we can extend this collection even more. Your photos and/or documents are of course welcome.


Greet Salmon-Schuurman has translated this page into English. She is related to our family via Lammertje Mur (1887-1967).



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